Get your new sailing yacht half price!

Opt for our special offer purchase-charter on selected models 
Sounds like magic but works very well: With our purchase-charter concept you buy a full equip Dufour 350 Grand Large, 412 Grand Large or 460 Grand Large at 50% off the normal price. You just leave your yacht with us in charter for a period of five seasons. During this time we cover all costs and expenses, e. g. mooring fees, handling, maintenance and you have the right to annually sail a minimum of one week in high season and two weeks in low season. And best of all: In the fifth year you have your boat back at your entire disposal. Prices: Dufour 350 Grand Large: € 75.000,-, 412 Grand Large: € 109.000,- or 460 Grand Large: € 145.000.
Interested? Let’s talk about it. We are looking forward to your enquiry.