Yates Mallorca increases hygiene standards … all yachts regularly disinfected with ozone!

Ozone is an active oxygen in form of a gaseous molecule. It is a very strong oxidizing agent, which destroys all bacteria, viruses, odors and all organisms. If ozone comes into contact with fours, bacteria, smells or organisms, these are completely destroyed by an extra oxygen atom. In this process, the extra oxygen atom is consumed and nothing remains, no smells, no bacteria, no germs. In our view, it is the most effective and environmentally friendly form of yacht disinfection, as e.g. Mites in the mattresses and upholstery etc. are removed and the gas penetrates into the last crack.

Charter your freshly disinfected yacht for this summer.

Anja Schuchhardt charter@yates-mallorca.com looks forward to your inquiry!