The economical way to yacht ownership

Why Purchase-Charter?

You are looking for the perfect holidays on board your own yacht, BUT…

… you can only sneak away for  a few weeks each year to spend time on board and go out sailing?

… you see a discrepancy between the use you get from using your yacht and the running costs?

… you don’t want to worry about your yacht while you are not around?

… you don’t want to spend your valuable time off working on the boat?

… you simply want to come and enjoy a well maintained boat that is ready to go?


Our strong points:

  • Three decades of experience in the nautical industry
  • Purchase and charter in the same hands
  • First class location in Palma, the “gateway” to the Balearic Islands
  • English speaking staff
  • Huge stock of spare parts
  • Own workshops
  • Excellent networking with specialists and suppliers on the island
  • Taskforce and 24/7 emergency phone for charter clients
  • Reknowned for well equipped „young“ charter yachts
  • Berth in Marina La Lonja free charge during the charter period
  • High percentage of direct clients, many repeaters
  • Listed with all relevant charter agencies
  • Events, trainings, regattas
  • Efficient booking software
  • Complete marketing

Time – Costs  – Conclusion

The Time Factor:
Most of our clients can only spend a few weeks on their yacht each year, either  because their work load does not permit them more or the hobby watersports is competing with a lot of other private interests. For good reason they don’t like the idea of their boat being moored unused in port for most of the year, producing expense while there is nobody around to take good care of it.

The  Cost Factor:
Besides time, money plays an important part. After the purchase price comes the running costs, e. g. for the berth, insurance, maintenance and repairs. So why not make your boat earn some money while you do not use it for yourself?

And the Conclusion:
Let your boat work for you and let us take care of all the rest. You spend your holidays on your well maintained and ready to go yacht that is equipped according to your needs and wishes. And no trouble and no charge. The income generated in charter covers the running expenses  – depending on the individual case also the financing of the purchase price  – and you might well end up with a profit.

Let’s talk about it. We will be happy to work out your personal offer. Please contact  John Rossbach (Sailyachts) or Matthias Ebert (Motoryachts).