What is Yates Mallorca Cup?

Every year sail sport enthusiasts from all over Europe meet in the Bay of Palma to measure their skills under mild temperatures and good winds. When the sailing season in northern Europe is already over, Yates Charter Mallorca invites amateur sailors to Palma de Mallorca for this traditional fun-regatta.

When does it take place?
From Saturday, Oct 26 until Friday Nov, 1st, 2019.

Who can participate?
The Cup has „amateur“ character, everyone who likes sailing, racing and socializing can participate. From 2017 onwards, the Cup will be open to sailing yachts of different brands. While the majority will race on Dufour and Bavaria Yachts, we have other yachts (e. g. Hanse) joining us as well. Owners can directly inscribe their yachts for the Yates Mallorca Cup. Those who do not come with their own yacht, can participate with a charter yacht from our fleet. Most of the participants race on chartered yachts – and they sail into the top ranks with them!

Gold- and Silver Fleets
All yachts sail the first qualifying races together, before they are divided into Gold and Silver fleets. Like this we achieve that independently of rating, boat size or equipment we have crews with similar capacities competing against each other. This ensures more fun and excitement until the end.

The races
The complete event is carried out and surveyed by a professional regatta committee under official racing rules. After the qualifying races there are between 1 and 2 races each day. Each day has a prize giving and the points are added until at the end there is a winner in each fleet.
The races include the classic “up and down” and “triangles” courses in the nice bay of Palma and an “offshore” race to the island of Cabrera or Pto. Andraitx (depending on the wind and sea conditions)

supporting program

From the opening reception with wine, beer and tapas in the dignified ambience of one of the clubs or a nice bar, to a visit to a winery with a subsequent barbecue buffet, a theme party at the pier, to a festive award ceremony with a concluding dinner – our supporting program is varied and changes every year. Nevertheless, there is enough time to do something on your own in the capital or to plan an individual island tour.

The costs
The participation fee depends on the size of the yacht from 350,- to 650,- € per yacht.
The food and beverage allowance is 150,- € per crew member.
The current charter price list applies to the charter fees.

Further information
Please contact us by E-Mail: Yates Mallorca Charter


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Yates Mallorca Cup 2017

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RankNameSkipperTypeRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Total
1MiroTorsten EngelBAV 40S112149
2Catch the WindMarcus PfeifferDUF 4604333114
3Dolce VitaHans FreiDUF 4603572320
4La PrimeraSteffen BerschDUF 38210254728
5Marine Spirit ThreeDaniel GrossenbacherHAN 4557449630
6Dolce Far Niente IIAdrian BalmerDUF 4606916931
7Galaxy 54Ralf StückerDUF 41257105835
8FreedomErich ReinhardtBAV 46V8868535
9Marina Estrella 3Francois KunzHAN 505116910238
10AlegriaSabine ManzelDUF 350212871443
11AlenaPhilipp MoetefindtBAV 45121111121157
12LissyBrendon BrownBAV 41121111121157
13GijónMax ContesseDUF 512131313131164
RankNameSkipperTypeRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Total
1BackupHelmut HaasDUF 41231111016
2Marine Spirit OneBjörn KieferHAN 4154724118
3AylaBirgit WaltherBAV 455696329
4LismorTom RuferBAV 468483831
5TalisOtto KappeBAV 4315357636
6RitaStanislav SavelievDUF 4607978738
7Conte MaxLars LiewaldBAV 50158310440
8VitabellaFundación ShambhalaBAV 51915105544
9SolameaPaul HascherBAV 566511111144
10Lucky TwinsDavid CuleDUF 412151542945
11I Feel FineBüchi / FischerDUF 350151569247
12By the WayLars EllermannDUF 3822215151549
13InvitationThomas HenslerDUF 50011515151561
14Green IslandDmitry KarelinBAV 49151515151575

Galerie Sailing 2018

Galerie Siegerehrung & Party 2018

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Galerie Social 2017

Yates Cup Prize Giving 2016