FAQ - questions and answers

In the main menu item charter you will find all the charter yachts currently bookable with Yates Mallorca Charter, divided into yacht types - sailing yachts, motor yachts and catamarans. Each yacht is described in detail with its individual equipment, pictures and at the bottom of each page you will find a virtual tour of exactly the yacht you are chartering.

Booking a charter yacht with Yates Mallorca is convenient and can be done online with just a few clicks. On the respective yacht page there is a calendar that shows the exact availability of the yacht you have selected.
Weeks marked green in the calendar are bookable. Periods marked in red have already been reserved by other customers and are therefore no longer available.

Select your desired charter period. 1-4 weeks are possible. Clicking on your desired start week week, you will be shown the charter price for the selected period.

Click on book now. Your shopping cart will be displayed automatically.
If you already have a customer account, please log in.
If you have a coupon, you can enter the code.
Please enter your billing details.
Please confirm our terms, revocation terms and privacy policy.
Then click on confirm reservation.
After receipt of your booking request, you will receive your contract documents from us by email.

Select the cart in the main menu.

You will probably find your unconfirmed order there. This can be confirmed or deleted there.

If there is no order in your cart, your desired yacht may have been booked by another customer for the intended period in the meantime and you will unfortunately have to choose an alternative yacht or an alternative period.

Every person has different preferences and needs different details to realise their dream vacation. For your charter trip you can book/order the additional extras described below. For special requests please contact us. We will try to fulfil these.

Experience has shown that the wishes for extras often change from the time the contract is signed until the cruise begins. We always have plenty of extras ready for all yachts.

About 4 weeks before your arrival we start planning the details of your check-in.
You will receive the so-called "arrival information" by email, a form to fill out, which also includes the optional order of extras.

Bookable extras:
Outboard motor for the dinghy:
for sailing yachts under 45 feet: 150,- € per week - 200,- € for 2 weeks
(For sailing yachts over 45 feet, motor yachts over 40 feet and catamarans, the outboard engine is already included in the charter price).

Bed linen:
20,- € per person (1 pillow case 80 x 80 cm, 1 duvet cover 135 x 200 cm)
Inlays for all cabins are on board.
(We put clean fitted sheets on the mattresses before each charter).

Towels: 10,- € per set (1x small towel 50 x 100 cm + 1 large towel 70 x 140cm)

Stand-Up Paddel: 120,- € per week

Wifi router: 119,- € per week (up to 50 Mbps - needs 230 V - for Wifi on board in the bay)
Free wifi is offered in our charter marina, as in most marinas on Mallorca.

Nespresso coffee machine: 25,- € per week (requires 230 V and is therefore not usable on smaller yachts in the bay via the batteries).

All charter yachts at Yates Mallorca Charter are equipped with all necessary life saving equipment.

There are sufficient numbers of automatic lifejackets with lifelines on board all charter yachts in the Yates Mallorca charter fleet.

We stock children's life jackets in all sizes and in sufficient quantities. To find the right size, we need the child's weight information.
In the form "arrival information" which you will automatically receive from us approx. 4 weeks before the start of the cruise, you can order life jackets for children, which you will then find on board when you check in.

The nearby market hall "Santa Catalina" and the surrounding supermarkets are the perfect place to buy provisions on your own. Palma's old town is also within walking distance.

Furthermore, we offer a shopping service via shopping list, which delivers the ordered goods directly on board. The goods are paid for when they are handed over to the supplier. Our charter guests automatically receive the current shopping list to fill in approx. 4 weeks before the start of the cruise, together with the arrival and base information by email.

For reasons of hygiene, all food is completely removed from the boat after each charter. So there is no food on board at all. This also applies to spices, washing-up liquid, cleaning cloths, bathroom articles, etc.

We recommend bringing kitchen towels from home to dry dishes. 1-2 kitchen towels fit in any suitcase, no matter how small.

All yachts at Yates Mallorca Charter are equipped with sufficient crockery, cutlery, glasses, pots and necessary kitchen utensils.

Depending on the size of the ship and the kitchen facilities, the kitchen equipment varies.

All yachts are also equipped with the following utensils for making coffee:


Thermos jug

Coffee filter for filter bags

Italian Espresso Pots

Nespresso machines can be ordered for yachts with large inverters and yachts with generators. (see bookable extras) Please note that these coffee machines require 230 V and are therefore not usable on smaller yachts in the bay via the batteries.

If you notice that you are missing a certain kitchen utensil when you move into the yacht, please ask our team. We have additional equipment in stock and can certainly help you.

In Cabrera Nature Reserve south of Mallorca, only those who have a valid permit issued by the Nature Reserve Administration are allowed to sail. Anchoring is not allowed anywhere in the nature reserve.

There are about 50 overnight buoys in the natural harbour for which a fee is charged, and it is essential to book them in advance. Those who cannot show a reservation will be asked by the nature park staff to leave the harbor bay in the evening, even if there are still buoys available.

Applying for a free sailing permit in the Cabrera nature reserve or an overnight buoy in the Cabrera natural harbour for a fee is quick and easy online at the following website.

Please note that reservations for the overnight buoys can be made at the earliest 20 days before the desired date. Before that, the system does not release buoys for reservation.

We have compiled all the necessary data, ship data and translations of our charter boats and will be happy to send them to you on request.


Now select the language by clicking on it in the top right-hand corner.

Then select the type of reservation you want and follow the instructions.

More tips for booking buoys:
Enter the use and size of the yacht. Use for charter yachts is "charter".

The date fields for selecting the desired date are highlighted in different colours. These have the following meanings:
dark grey = periods are not yet released for application
red = all buoys are already reserved (fully booked)
white = there are free buoys available for reservation
white with blue underline = selected reservation date
The selected date appears in the field below the date fields and the number of days can be entered at días/days. Outside the high season, the buoys can also be reserved for several days.

The Pantalla siguiente/next screen button takes you to the next page. Pantalla anterior/previous screen means back to previous page.

A window appears showing the selection of the date and the buoy price again.
From now on, you have 30 minutes to enter the applicant/skipper's details, the vessel's details and the yacht's owner's details, pay by credit card and complete the reservation.

You will receive confirmation of the buoy reservation by email to the email address provided once the fees have been completed and paid.

from the airport:
Taxi: Travel time approx. 15-20 min.
Bus: Travel time approx. 30 min. + ca. 10-15 min. Footway
Bus no. A1 to bus stop "passeig Mallorca - Jaume III".
For more information, see: https://www.emtpalma.cat/en/route/-/L/17/aeroport-palma-centre

from the ferry terminal:
Taxi:Travel time approx. 15 min.
Bus: Travel time approx. 10 min.
Bus no. 1 to the "Argentina - sa Feixina" stop
For more information, see: https://www.emtpalma.cat/en/route/-/L/1/portopi-sindicat

Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces for guests in our charter harbour "Marina La Lonja".

In the area in front of the harbour entrance there are public parking spaces with parking machines for loading and unloading. The "Parc de la Mar" park, for which a fee is charged, is about 5-10 minutes away on foot.

The deposit agreed in the charter contract is to be paid by the charterer before handing over the yacht on site by debit authorisation from one valid credit card (VISA or Mastercard). Depositing the deposit amount by advance bank transfer, cash or multiple credit cards is not accepted.
We therefore expressly recommend that you have your credit card checked for booking limits at your bank before you leave and, if necessary, that you adjust the booking limit.

If the deposit cannot be paid before the yacht is handed over, the charter company may refuse to let the yacht to the charterer.

The charterer shall be liable up to a maximum of this amount for each claim, exclusively for material damage to the rental boat and its accessories, loss of equipment and theft, as well as additional services, e.g. refuelling of unfilled fuel tanks, charges for clogged holding tanks, additional cleaning, etc., which are the responsibility of the charterer or his crew.

In the event of a damage, the corresponding damage amount will be debited from the deposited credit card and the charterer will receive an official invoice for the amount of the damage.

This invoice can be submitted to any additional deposit insurance previously taken out by the charterer.
Yates Mallorca Charter does not offer direct deposit insurance, so-called "damage waiver". We leave that to the insurance professionals.

On a normal charter Saturday, our Yates Mallorca Charter team will be waiting to hand over your charter yacht booked with us at Marina La Lonja in Palma, directly opposite the old town and cathedral, from 12:00 noon.

We welcome you at the reception office there. The necessary papers are checked, ordered extras are settled with you and the agreed deposit is deposited by credit card (Visa or Master Card - no AMEX).
Please check with your bank before departure if your credit card is approved for the deposit amount for Spain.

Documents required:
· signed charter contract incl. terms and conditions
- completed crew list with all data of the passengers on board
- Identity card and boat licence/radio licence of the charterer and if applicable of the skipper in original

The charterer and, if applicable the skipper go on board and a detailed yacht briefing takes place, which is documented by a check-in list. In your own interest, regardless of your experience, make sure you receive thorough instruction. A slightly longer handover time contributes to your own safety and helps to avoid discrepancies on return.

After that, the boat can be occupied by the entire charter crew.

Please note that there is usually little space at the pier and there is little shade. We recommend that crew members who are not involved in the check-in spend the waiting time in one of the surrounding cafés or shopping. Families with younger children will find large, shady playgrounds to linger and romp in the nearby parks - Parc de Sa Feixina and Parc de la Mar.

An earlier takeover of the charter boat you have rented depends on many factors, which often cannot be influenced and usually only arise at short notice. Is the yacht also rented out in the previous week? Are there any repairs to the yacht that need to be done before the next sailing? Is the yacht left properly by the pre-crew? Etc.

We therefore cannot guarantee an earlier check-in to your yacht.

However, our team at Yates Mallorca Charter is always keen to get all charter guests on the charter yachts as early as possible, as we can also call it a day once all guests are on board.

If the boat is ready for check-in earlier, we will contact you on the mobile number on file and arrange an earlier date with you if possible.

Please note that repeated requests to us on Saturday morning will only tie up additional resources and the handover is therefore more likely to be delayed.

Please enter the home port Marina La Lonja in Palma with your charter yacht by approx. 5 pm on Friday.

Before you arrive, please do not forget to empty the waste tanks and fill the fuel tanks at the petrol station. The nearest petrol stations are at Marina Club de Mar and Real Club Nautico.

Plan enough time for refuelling. On normal charter Fridays, the petrol stations are busy and there can be waiting times.

After our team has received you and the yacht at the pier, the technical inspection follows. The hull and keel are inspected by the diver and everything is documented by list.
If repairs are necessary, please inform us immediately in order to enable a smooth execution of the follow-up charter.

To enable a smooth handover, it is essential that you tidy and clear the cockpit, deck, saloon and cabins.

The rest of the evening is at your leisure. Guests who are not already leaving on Friday can spend a last evening in Palma and with us in the harbour.

Until the next morning at 8.00 a.m., when you please leave the yacht cleared and broom-clean with washed dishes, emptied rubbish bins and all your belongings, overnight accommodation is possible with us in the harbour or on your charter yacht. In consideration of the following guests, a longer stay on the yacht is only possible in exceptional cases.

The nearest taxi rank to our charter port is about 4 minutes walk directly across the street on the opposite side of the Paseo Maritimo or 6 minutes walk below the cathedral.

We are happy to assist with pre-booking a taxi to our marina. When you check out, let us know at what time you need a taxi and we will speak to the local taxi company for you. The taxi will then pick you up at the agreed time in front of the gate to the harbour.

You can always email us at charter@yates-mallorca.com or call us on +34 610 429 846 or even contact us via Whats App! Please note that at Yates Mallorca Charter, questions and advice are answered personally by real people and not by AI or bots. There may therefore be waiting times for a reply, especially in the evening and at weekends, or due to time zone differences.