Your boutique charter company in Mallorca

Your boutique charter company in Mallorca

Mallorca – Ibiza – Formentera – 2 weeks

Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera for 2 weeks.

Mallorca - Ibiza - Formentera - Mallorca in 2 weeks (approx. 240 nautical miles)

This two-week yacht vacation takes you to the beautiful south-west of Mallorca, the main island of the Balearic Islands. Experience the world-famous Ibiza feeling and relax on Formentera’s beaches, the “Little Caribbean” of the Mediterranean. An unforgettable yacht trip.


Day 1

Takeover of the yacht in the Marina La Lonja in Palma

Our team from Yates Mallorca awaits you to hand over your chartered yacht in the Marina La Lonja, directly opposite the old town and the imposing cathedral of Palma. In our reception office there, we welcome you on normal charter Saturdays from 12:00 noon for a detailed check-in in German, English or Spanish.
From the airport you can easily reach us by cab in about 15 minutes. Of course you can also take the bus, line 1 from the airport takes you almost to our door.

If your flight lands before 12 noon, you can leave your luggage with us on the pier and visit a few cafés and bars nearby to enjoy the sun, have a coffee or breakfast. Or you can use the time to stock up on provisions and stroll through the Santa Catalina district to stock up on fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and meat at the market of the same name. Of course, you can also order your provisions from us in advance using a shopping list. Your order will then be delivered to the ship on time. You will automatically receive the shopping list 4 weeks before the start of the cruise, when we start planning the details of your journey. However, a visit to the Mediterranean market in Santa Catalina is always worthwhile. The colorful hustle and bustle, the many cafés and the delicacies on offer create a vacation atmosphere.

You have taken over your yacht, stowed your luggage and provisions, then it’s “cast off” and off to the next bay or enjoy the beautiful historic old town of Palma at your leisure.

As the berth in the Marina La Lonja is already included in the charter price for our charter guests for the entire charter period, the cultural and culinary diversity of Palma can be explored at your leisure. There is something for every taste and budget. In the nearby parks – Parc de Sa Feixina and Parc de la Mar – families will find large playgrounds in the shade where they can linger and run around. A true oasis is the medieval S’Hort del Rey, the King’s Garden, just a few minutes’ walk from the harbor. The Mediterranean trees provide shade and the many fountains and sculptures make this place a real gem and a popular photo opportunity.

For those who prefer to head out to sea, the popular three-fingered or smugglers’ cove Cala Portals Vells is a popular stopover on the way to Port d’Antratx.

Day 2

from PALMA to PORT D’ANDRATX (approx. 25 nautical miles)

The entrance to Port d’Andratx through the fjord-like bay is impressive and scenically beautiful. The foothills of the Tramuntana mountains around the harbor are home to many exclusive villas and houses, as the town is very popular with celebrities from all over the world and is known as a posh address.
The original fishing village, which was repeatedly attacked by North African pirates in the Middle Ages, only developed into a meeting place for the international jet set with the advent of tourism in the 1960s. Sports yachts and fishing boats share the harbor basin. There are two marinas and a buoy field for mooring and anchoring. The town is perfect for strolling around, browsing in boutiques and stores and enjoying a meal in one of the many restaurants.

Day 3

from PORT D’ANDRATX to CALA PORTINATX (approx. 50 nautical miles)

At dawn, shortly before sunrise, when the sea is usually still calm, the crossing to the west towards Ibiza begins. If you are lucky, you will occasionally be accompanied by dolphins that greet the day in this section at sunrise and in the early morning.
The day’s destination is Cala Portinatx in the north of Ibiza.
Except in northerly winds, this beautiful bay in the north of the vacation island of Ibiza is a popular large anchorage. The water is gently sloping, crystal clear and shimmers in the most beautiful shades of azure. The fine white sandy beach glows in the sun. The small, lively resort offers a surprisingly lively nightlife with lots of entertainment in the bars and hotels. It can get loud here at night.

Day 4

from CALA PORTINATX to ENSENDA DE AUBARCA (approx. 10 nautical miles)

The route continues westwards along the north coast of Ibiza to the natural bay of Ensenda de Aubarca. The deep bay seems unspectacular at first, but if you drive all the way in, you will discover its magic. Here you will find pure nature and tranquillity, so just relax in the water and on land.

Day 5

from ENSENDA DE AUBARCA to SANT ANTONI (approx. 10 nautical miles)

Sant Antoni is the only harbor on the northwest side of Ibiza and is also popular with yachts from the Spanish mainland. The few guest berths in the modern harbor and the buoys in front of it are very well utilized. Booking in advance is recommended. The lively resort offers legendary sunset bars as well as world-famous clubs and the famous Ibiza feeling. There is also no shortage of restaurants and stores, and the supply is correspondingly good.

If you prefer to avoid the harbor, simply sail a few nautical miles further west, for example to the anchor bay of Port del Torrent or Cala Bassa.

Day 6

from SANT ANTONI to CALA DE PORT ROIG (approx. 15 nautical miles)

You continue along the west coast of Ibiza. The beaches and bays on the west coast are some of the most beautiful on the island and the landscape is very varied. Picturesque beaches, bays and sea lights in all imaginable shades of blue and turquoise. From the hippie beach to the chic beach club, there are restaurants and clubs along the coast with a magnificent view of the sun setting over the sea. Cala Horts, for example, is one such bay for sunset worshippers. Here you can drop anchor with a view of the rugged Isla Verde.
Cala de Port Roig, the red harbor, takes its name from the red shimmering cliffs at dusk. There are no beach bars or beach clubs here, so the atmosphere is peaceful. Yachties like to spend the night in this bay and enjoy the spectacular sunset.
If you want to experience that Ibiza party feeling, head one bay further to the world-famous Cala Jondal. Several beach clubs are lined up along the 300-metre-long pebble beach, surrounded by pine forests, where you can party in an exclusive atmosphere. Hot spots such as the Blue Marlin have made the place world-famous.

Day 7

from CALA DE PORT ROIG to LA SAVINA (approx. 10 nautical miles)

We head south to the enchanting Balearic island of Formentera.
The second smallest Balearic island is not called the “little Caribbean” by connoisseurs for nothing. It is the island with the clearest water in the Mediterranean and the most beautiful beaches. The colors turquoise blue, azure, beige and white shine as far as the eye can see.

The largest port, La Savina, is Formentera’s gateway to the world. It is not only a commercial port for the approximately 12,500 Formenter people, but also the gateway for the 3 million tourists who arrive here every year, regardless of whether they come on one of the ferries from Ibiza or on their own or chartered boat. There is no airport on Formentera.
There are two marinas for yachties, which require advance booking in the high season (July and August). There are various small stores and supermarkets and a craft market in season. There is a wide selection of restaurants and bars near the port. The number one means of transportation on Formentera, with or without motorization, is the two-wheeler. There is a large selection of rental companies at the harbor and in the village of La Savina and a tour of the island is well worthwhile.

If you want to avoid the busy harbor but don’t want to miss out on a good meal in a restaurant, anchor in the popular anchorages off the beaches of Los Trocados / Ses Illetes. The restaurants and bars ashore are known far beyond the borders of the Balearic Islands. But be careful: the ferries that constantly pass between Formentera and Ibiza regularly create waves.

The buoy field in the so-called Puerto Espalmador harbor is also an alternative for the night. The buoy sites in the horseshoe-shaped bay in the north can be reserved in advance on the Internet. Espalmador is located in the Parque natural de Ses Salines nature reserve, with natural mud flats and salt pans. It is a real bird paradise. Please note Mud bathing is not permitted due to nature conservation.

Day 8

from LA SAVINA to CALA SAONA (approx. 5 nautical miles)

Cala Saona is located in the west of Formentera, whose beaches and bays with their dazzling colors are in no way inferior to the Caribbean. Surrounded by red rocks and forests, the bay of Cala Saona is a dream to anchor in, with bright turquoise water and a sandy bottom as far as the eye can see around the rocks to the right and left of the white sandy beach. In the evening, one of the most beautiful sunsets shines with Ibiza’s Es Verdrá, the Isla Verde, in the background. On land there are restaurants, a hotel, bicycle and scooter rental.

Day 9

from CALA SAONA to ENSENADA DE MIGJORN (approx. 10 nautical miles)

The south coast of Formentera, which stretches over five kilometers of paradisiacal beaches, is called Migjorn. This stretch of beach is the longest on the island and consists of several bays separated by rocky and sandy areas. Each bay has its own name, the largest of which is Ensenada de Migjorn. There are many anchoring possibilities here over 4 nautical miles on a shallow sandy bottom. On land you will find beach huts, a small hotel, restaurant and mini market.

Day 10

from ENSENADA DE MIGJORN to ES PUJOLS (approx. 10 nautical miles)

Es Pujols is located in a picturesque bay about two kilometers long and has developed over the years from virtually nothing into Formentera’s most important vacation resort. Anyone thinking of a tourist stronghold is wrong, as there is still a family atmosphere here and you will find the modern Ibiza lifestyle.

Day 11

from ES PUJOLS to IBIZA CITY (approx. 15 nautical miles)

From the Caribbean-style island of Formentera, we head to the island’s capital Ibiza. The city marina of Eivissa, as the capital of Ibiza is called in Catalan, has more than 1,000 berths for yachts, and yet the crowds are extremely high in summer. Without a reservation, it can be difficult or even impossible to find a berth. They are also among the most expensive ports in the entire Balearic Islands. Please be aware of the busy ferry traffic when entering the harbor. On the other hand, it offers everything your heart desires in terms of catering, restaurants and the club scene.

If you have not found a berth in Ibiza Town or would like to shorten the long trip back to Mallorca, you can try to reserve one of the 755 berths in the port of Santa Eulalia, about 8 nautical miles to the northeast. Ibiza’s second largest city is in no way inferior to the capital in terms of shopping facilities, restaurants and bars.

Day 12

from IBIZA CITY to CAMP DE MAR (approx. 55 nautical miles)

In the morning we head back to Mallorca. The destination for the evening is the bay of Camp de Mar. On the way there, be sure to look out for dolphins again.

The Platja de Camp de Mar is a jewel of the Mallorcan coast. The beach is located between two rocky headlands and is not as crowded as other beaches on the Balearic island. Camp de Mar is not a historic village on the southwest coast of Mallorca. Rather, it was deliberately designed as a vacation resort. However, there are no sprawling hotel complexes, lively beach bars and loud discos. Small, smart hotels and exclusive restaurants with great views dominate.

Day 13

from CAMP DE MAR to CALA PORTALS VELLS (approx. 10 nautical miles)

The popular Cala Portals Vells, also known as Smugglers’ Bay, offers plenty of variety with its three small beaches, two beach restaurants and a cave, and is well sheltered from the south wind.
The bay is surrounded by rocks and pine forests, which also provide shade on the beach. The water is a beautiful turquoise blue and is perfect for snorkeling. For the adventurous, it is worth swimming to the medieval “seafarers’ caves” opposite. The caves were not formed naturally, but through the extraction of limestone, e.g. for Palma Cathedral. The ascent is somewhat arduous due to the rocks, but worthwhile.

If you can’t find a suitable mooring in Cala Portals Vells or would prefer to reserve a berth, you have the option of calling at Port Adriano, which is on the way, or anchoring a few nautical miles further east of Cala Portals Vells in the bay of Magaluf, for example.

Day 14

from CALA PORTALS VELLS to PALMA (approx. 15 nautical miles)

The last day of your yacht trip in the waters of the Balearic Islands has begun. Depending on the weather and your mood, late risers have the option of spending the morning in peace and quiet in the beautiful bay of Cala Portals Vells. For those who weigh anchor early, there is also the option of heading for one of the bathing bays west of Palma on the way back to Palma. For example, it is worth anchoring in the bay of Illetas.

Around 5 p.m. your charter yacht will arrive in its home port of Palma, Marina La Lonja. Please do not forget to empty the waste tanks beforehand and fill the fuel tanks at the filling station.
After our team has received you and the yacht at the jetty, the technical inspection follows and the divers come to inspect the hull and keel. Tidying and cleaning the cockpit, deck, saloon and cabins is essential for a speedy acceptance.
After picking up, you can have dinner in one of the many trendy restaurants in Palma’s old town. Lean back with a beer or a glass of wine, look at your vacation photos and videos from the past two weeks and review your trip.
Until the next morning at 8.00 a.m., when you leave the yacht tidy and swept clean, with washed dishes, emptied garbage and all your belongings, you can use the yacht in our harbor for the night.

The entire team at Yates Mallorca Charter wishes you and your crew a wonderful vacation.